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Here at Canine Services, we take pride in treating your pet in the same way you would treat them your self.
We offer many services ranging from walking to overnight boarding and all that's in between such as taking your dog to the vets or groomers.
Before any dog is booked in we do a meet and greet where we will come and see your dog and get to know you and them, often take them for a walk while you are at home in case of any problems.
All dogs will stay in a home environment with our own dog, Bailey Pup, who is happy to have any dog in his house.
 All dogs are always seen first to see how they behave and I am sorry to say we are more than happy to say no to any dog who would not feel comfortable in this environment.

However, if your dog is not suited to our boarding or day care services, we will always try and help by offering walking instead.
We are fully insured and references are avalibe on request - have a look at our testimonials page to see what satisfied clients have said about us.
Please note: We are unable to accomodate uncastrated males and unspayed bitches.  Exceptions can be made, by arrangement, for younger animals awaiting this procedure.
We also strongly recommend that your pet is vaccinated against kennel cough along with the annual vaccinations. All pets must be treated for worms and fleas (as required).
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